MIB CC has been offering her clients Human Resources Management and Change Management Solutions since 2010. We increase your success through Business Coaching, HR Advising and Training – quickly and effective. Based in the south of Germany, between Munich and Salzburg, we work internationally and online. We can both work at the location of your choice, and work online through video conferencing, e-coaching and e-learning. Upon request in German and Dutch.


MIB CC is the professional counterpart for people and self employed professionals. We help you to develop your personal life planning. For example, if you wish to re-enter the workforce after a career break. Or if you wish to design your career in a new way. We discover your undiscovered potential! We offer our online e-coaching from our location in Germany near the Alps at the Chiemsee, through modern - easy to use - online communication techniques such as Email, Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp.

E- Coaching

Economical and easy to organise: online e-coaching is the simple alternative for the classical face-to-face coaching. The coaching with your certified and accredited coach Mariska Boog runs via phone, skype, chat and email. Geographical distances are of no importance anymore, and you can organise your time efficiently. From your home towards success – MIB CC makes it possible.


MIB Coaching & Consulting has been founded in Groningen, The Netherlands, by Mariska Boog. Since 2011 we have been based in Rimsting, South Germany, between Munich and Salzburg. Our clients are in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. You have the advantage of our international and intercultural experience in Change Management, HR Process Management, in People Development and in Project Management. You can choose: between Coaching, Training and Consulting.

We guide you in your personal and professional development, strengthen your competencies and talents and help you with your goal orientation.